Behind The Music

For years Jane Valenta had dreamed of recording an album, she even had a few people offer to record her, but it never really felt "quite right."

When she met producer Carmon Barry she felt God's leading and knew he could provide the kind of quality she was looking for.

Picking the title of her debut album was the easy part because it reflected how she felt throughout the project. "Holding on to Grace" greatly exceeded all of her expectations.

Partly recorded in Nashville, Tenessee, Jane's first album features some of the most respected, talented studio musicians and background vocalists ever to work in Nashville. Their list of "clients" reads like a who's who of Christian music.

Artists like Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Point of Grace, Steve Green, Avalon, Sandy Patti, 4-Him, Jaci Valesquez, Steven Curtis Chapman, D.C. Talk, and Jars of Clay (to name just afew).

Setting new standards in Canada for an independently produced debut album, hundreds of personal testimonies can attest to the blessing you'll receive from listening to "Holding on to Grace".

Be sure to check out the review of this album from Nashville's Gospel Music Association in the "reviews/references" page!

Building on the success of her first album, "Whatever it Takes" is Jane Valenta's highly acclaimed follow-up album.

This 13 song effort features 7 exciting new songs from Canadian co-writers Brenda Alguire and Carmon Barry.

Rarely is such a broad range of musical styles blended so ingeniously to appeal to so many age groups.

It's truly an album that parents and teens can enjoy together. Featuring an exciting new "urban" sound, melded with energetic "pop", "praise and worship", "new country" along with soaring "inspirationals" and tender "ballads", this album captures your undivided attention.

Not just the title, "Whatever it Takes" could also describe the philosophy of all those involved in this project. God has undoubtedly inspired everyone to give their personal best, and it shows in every detail of every song.


Once again featuring Nashville's most popular Christian drummer Steve Brewster combined with a tremendous effort from bass player Gary Lunn, these "rhythm beds" serve as the foundation of each song. Back in Canada, the songs were "developed" to their current form by the "dynamic duo" of producer Carmon Barry (multi Juno award winner) and arranger Aidan Mason (guitarist, musical director for Anne Murray for over 23 years).




Jane Valenta owes a huge debt of gratitude to all the wonderful musicians who gave "above and beyond" to make this album so successful.

To God be the Glory.