Reviews & References

Every year, Nashville's Gospel Music Association hosts the Academy of Gospel Music Arts' Spotlight Competition. The following are excerpts of a professional critique of Jane's debut album "Holding On to Grace" from the '98 competition.

Artistry: Your style is popular, I like it... Your sound is honest and spiritually insightful...

Vocals: Your lead vocal is strong and synamic. You have an interesting voice. You sing with confidence and passion.

Musicianship/Production: Your CD sounds very good. The production has alot of energy and reminds me of a David Foster type approach to production, great work. I can hear all the instruments and the vocals are very clear. Either your band or studio players all play well. The arrangements are well conceived and performed. I think your engineer did a good job with the mix.

Effectiveness in Presenting Christian Message: It is clear that you desire to create and perform music that points people to Jesus. This is wonderful and I commend you for taking a strong stand in this area. All of the songs on this album are filled with the truth of the Gospel. I especially like the energy of you songs, and the picked me up and encouraged me to focus on the Lord.


"I am keenly interested in encouraging bright new Canadian musical talent. Jane Valenta's message in song flows from her heart to the hearts of audiences of every age group."
Rev. Terry Cuthbert, President, Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada

"I have had the priviledge of observing Jane minister to the congregation that I pastored and have personally benefited from her extraordinary ability and ministry. I believe that she has a unique gift that enables her to encourage Christians in praise and worship. Tha unique gift has been confirmed by others in the body of Christ. As well, having been a friend to Jane and Calvin I feel confident in recommending their character. They have proven to be faithful and humble members of their local church. They come to your ministry with the integrity that guarantees a beneficial and encouraging ministry of music. They are also sensitive to the differing types of ministries that exist within the body of Christ."
Rev. Todd Lester, Riverside Chapel

"Jane Valenta ministered in song at our church in December of 1997. She did a wonderful job. Both Jane and her husband Calvin were a pleasure to work with. They were professional and courteous in every way. I appreciated their heart for ministry as well as their attention to details. Jane has a good variety in musical selections and a very pleasant voice to listen to. She worked well within the specific guidelines that I gave her both in regards to them and time. Irecommend Jane Valenta's music ministry."
Pastor Tim Bergmann, The Alliance Church, Owen Sound, Ontario

"Jane, as always your song selection and sensitivity to people are a real asset for this ministry. Further, I did appreciate the style of presentation with which you sing so beautifully. Your broad appeal reaches to all ages providing not only variety but true inspiration for everyone."
Pastor David R. Jantzi, Glenridge Bible Church, St. Catherines, Ontario

"Jane is a gifted vocalist presenting her music in a sincere and proffessional manner. Her choice of repetoire is tastefully varied and her song stylings uplifting. Shining through this fine musical ability is a young lady comitted to presenting the gospel with integrity, Christian warmth and sincerity."
The Watchmen Quartet, Kitchener, Ontario

"God has blessed you with a beautiful voice and we are thankful that you are using your voice for His praise. We want to thank you and Calvin for your sensitivity to the group of people to whom you are ministering. You blessed each person by reaching each one with a different style of music."
Elgin Missionay Church, Stratford, Ontario